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      Welcome to Victoria Car Shipping Place-Canada’s Leading Vehicle Shipping Solution

We are  a company that does auto shipping,from to Victoria BC across Canada. Car Shipping is it! Victoria  Car Shipping is transporting vehicles to every city in the country.
Our Trucks depart on a weekly basis from Alberta to Toronto and Montreal ,Vancouver, Halifax.
Our transport trucks normally carry as many as 9-10 cars
Our weekly schedule of departures means less delays for your vehicle to depart and to arrive at its destination city.
Our cover area Yellowknife car shipping, Fort Mcmurray Car Shipping, Grand prairie car shipping,
Edmonton car shipping, Calgary car shipping and other towns.

                 Just a few things that set us apart from other Alberta Car shipping companies.

 A lot of Car Carriers companies spend lots of money and effort on advertising and promotion to try to get customers. 

What we do

Well, what we do, we help you determine how to correctly make the choice of shipping a car and get it at the final destination. 

We will not just save you money on your car shipping to and from Victoria BC

but also make sure your vehicle reach its destination in the safest possible manner without any difficulties and with less cost expected service.

we ensure our customers get their vehicle delivered on time. Being partnered with the major Canadian railway transport, we assure both local and overseas vehicle transportation are done smoothly

+ Transit Time  14-15 days. (Car transport Victoria to Toronto)

+ (Car transport Victoria to Montreal) 16 days

+ (Car transport Victoria to Ottawa)  16 days

+ (Car transport Victoria to Halifax)  16 days

+  We have Short and Long term Storage options

+ No Hidden Fee

+ 0 Deductible Insurance.

Ship a car across Canada

We transport daily vehicles – sedans, coupes, mini-vans, SUVs, and trucks. If you need, projects cars

and recovery autos, Open shipping is also accessible for classic cars, sports cars and high-end vehicles.

Ship a car across Canada

We transport daily vehicles – sedans, coupes, mini-vans, SUVs, and trucks. If you need, projects cars

and recovery autos, Open shipping is also accessible for classic cars, sports cars and high-end vehicles.

Fort McMurray to Edmonton By Truck Car shipping 2-3 days. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Alberta Toronto by rail 18 days ,by truck car shipping 7 to 12 days

Alberta to Halifax   we are ship by car carrier(Going to Montreal first and after we

load to another truck  take around 18 days)

Alberta to Vancouver around one week by car carrier only.

 Our online car shipping calculator is purposely designed to provide instant price quotes with no personal information. If you are rather inclined to pick up the phone – we are easily reached to assist with shipping your vehicle.





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